Skin Whitening Home Remedy

Skin Whitening Home Remedy

Are you one of millions of people around the world that seek to whiten your skin, but can’t seem to find a reliable and convenient way to do it from home with ingredients and formulas that are easy to acquire and make? There are many reasons why you may want to try a home remedy to lighten your skin, and also many reasons why you may want to lighten your skin complexion a bit as well. In the following article, we aim to answer some of these questions and explore the pros and cons of home remedies for skin whitening, as well as a product recommendation that might just revolutionise the way you whiten your skin. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the hows, whys, and much more.

How & Why is Skin Whitened?

Skin whitening as a practice stretches back at least a few hundred years across many different cultures, especially in Asia and the west. In many cases, lighter complexions may be sought after for beauty or cultural appeal. In some cases, it may just be that you have some form of uneven colouration of your skin, and you are looking for a way to even out the overall tone of your skin.

In the latter case, irregular colouration and hue of the skin is often due to how your body distributes melanin throughout your body. Melanin is a naturally produced pigment within your body that determines the colour of skin and hair as well as the shade of the colour in question.

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Your melanin levels can be influenced by environmental stimuli but the main factor in determining your melanin levels are through your parents. Different ethnic groups around the world produce different levels of melanin, especially in areas that are more impacted by the sun year round, such as equatorial regions in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia.

Because of melanin being the primary substance behind what colour and tone your skin assumes, all skin whitening techniques attempt to alter the amount of melanin production in affected areas of skin. Typically they aim to lessen production in cases of unusually high melanin concentration.

High concentration and production of melanin can cause things like hyperpigmentation, otherwise more commonly known as dark spots. Techniques have many different varieties, including over the counter and prescription products, procedures with your dermatologist, or a do it yourself skin whitening home remedy, of which several exist.

What are the Benefits

The benefits of skin whitening via a home remedy can be quite obvious. They mostly consist of common ingredients that are either harmless or hard to produce adverse side effects with. The needed ingredients are often quite cheap and/or are easy to buy, cultivate, or procure, and in many cases may already be present in your home for other uses.

Some of the less obvious benefits however include a very acute degree of control over what type of product you are using to lighten your skin, as well as complete knowledge of what you are applying to your skin due to the intimate nature of producing a home remedy recipe from scratch. Additionally, you are able to fully budget the cost of your home remedy based on the ingredients you end up using, as opposed to a fixed price for any OTC or prescription solution for skin whitening.

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To most effectively gauge the benefits and explore what remedies may be most effective for helping you whiten your skin and gain a more even complexion, consult your physician or dermatologist. They can equip you with the knowledge and knowhow to accomplish this goal safely and efficiently. Knowledge is power, afterall!

What are the Drawbacks?

A skin whitening home remedy does come with its own unique drawbacks when compared to industrially and medically prepared skin whitening solutions. The primary drawback is that such remedies require a considerable amount of care and research to undertake safely and effectively.

Research is critical for safety as well as efficacy of any skin whitening home remedy or topical. Different ingredients may have attributes that make you allergic to them, or some ingredients that are touted as effective may in fact be toxic. Unfortunately, even ingredients such as mercury are still used by some people as a lightening agent for the skin despite its well-established toxic properties.

Arsenic compressed into wafers for “beautifying”the skin was once used in this same way, as yet another example. As stated before, knowledge is quite powerful, and on that train of that, can also save you from harm. It is easy without research to stumble upon the trap of producing a concoction that is more likely to do damage to your skin and body as opposed to lightening it.

Another drawback overlapping with this is that there already exist dozens, if not hundreds of different methods of DIY skin whitening. While having so many options to replicate or modify your own recipe may sound good on paper, in practice it can overwhelm you. This can end up leaving you with potential discouragement over how to proceed. Lastly, if you are not skilled or experienced in concocting your own skin lotions or other topicals, then creating a safe and working skin whitening home remedy may be at the moment inaccessible to you without ample research. Fortunately, a great home remedy with natural ingredients and ease of use may be just around the corner.

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