Menopause Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Menopause Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be hard, and this is particularly the case during the menopause when many women find themselves putting on pounds without even making any lifestyle changes! Don’t panic, though—if you find yourself putting on weight during the menopause, our menopause diet plan to lose weight will help you to combat the changes so that you can get back your previous figure and feel confident in the skin that you are in!

Why is Losing Weight so Hard?

Losing weight is hard, we all know that, and it can be even more difficult to pull off during the menopause. During this time, many women find that their bodies—if they weren’t already going through enough—take an additional laugh by adding on additional fat around the body, and this can cause weight gain. Unfortunately, this can be hard to combat, but it’s not impossible—and the first part of doing this and meeting your weight loss goals is to understand why our bodies actually store weight so eagerly in the first place.

Now, in our modern society, weight gain is a bad thing—right? Why, then, do our bodies do it? Do they really hate us so much as to torment us by putting on more and more weight? Well, no, actually. In fact, there is a very important survival adaptation associated with putting on weight, and in short, if we didn’t have the affinity to put on weight as easily as we do, we would probably have starved to death long before we even discovered how to farm the land and rear livestock!

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This genetic is an ancient one, dating all the way back to the time when our species were cave dwellers—and arguably even further back than that, to species which predated our own species in the evolutionary timeline and tree. During these times, food was not guaranteed. While we can, nowadays, simply head to the cupboard to find something to eat, back then food was a luxury. While it was a necessity for life, of course, there was never any guarantee that you would be able to get it. Having something to eat would have depended upon the hunters being successful and bringing back a kill, or scavengable food being found in the world somewhere. As a result of this, and due to the (obvious) lack of storage options for preserving the food, it was absolutely essential that all food was consumed in a short period of time. And, following this, our bodies needed to be able to store this excess food as fat in order to make sure that they always had reserves of energy available to keep them powering on through the hard times when food was not so easy to come by.

This genetic adaptation would be one which our species would rely on for millenia to come, and even in relatively recent human history, many people were still living a hand to mouth lifestyle where food availability was not guaranteed. It is only in our modern world, then, where food is available literally at the tap of a button that this adaptation to store any surplus calories as fat has proved to be an unhelpful adaptation!

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However, regardless of genetics, our modern lifestyle does indeed mean that fat storage can actually be dangerous to us now. Instead of providing a back up energy reserve, our fat stores now simply don’t get depleted—and this leads to obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and all of the other conditions which can be associated with such a condition.

So, what can be done about this, then? If it’s written into our genetic code for our bodies to naturally store as much fat as possible, how can we overcome this predisposition for weight gain? Well, fortunately, there are plenty of routes for weight loss—and for women going through the menopause, our specialist menopause diet plan to lose weight can help you to fight back against your body’s desire to put on weight wherever and whenever it can!

Menopause Diet Plan to Lose Weight: Top Tips

Losing weight while going through the menopause is arguably a difficult thing to do, but please don’t panic; it’s far from impossible, and by following our top tips for losing weight during the menopause, you’ll see great results too!

So, remember how fat is simply just a store of energy? Well, in short, we need our bodies to start metabolising this energy store if we are to lose weight—and there are two primary ways in which this can be achieved.

First, of course, there is eating less—or, rather, consuming fewer calories. If you eat fewer calories than your body naturally needs to function healthily, it will be forced (no matter how reluctantly) to convert the stored fat into energy. However, most extreme diets will leave you obsessively craving a snack—therefore, it’s important that you get your nutrition right by balancing your diet with carbohydrates, fats and proteins to help ward off these cravings. Eating a diet higher in fats and proteins, as well as high-fiber foods, can help you to feel fuller for longer while dieting.

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Of course, you’ll also want to try adding more exercise to your routine as well. Exercising expels additional energy and so it is important that you add more exercise to your routine if you want to be successful with losing weight! Try to choose exercises that directly target the area of interest that you want to slim down a little with specific exercises.

Whatever the case might be, it is important that you also place emphasis on ensuring that you remain happy and positive during your weight loss attempts.

In Summary

Losing weight can be hard, in part due to the fact that it goes against our bodies’ every instinct to hang onto fat for as long as possible! However, by following our top tips for your menopause diet plan to lose weight, you can be confident that you’ll soon be slim and sporting the body that you always dreamed of having!

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