Lightening Cream for Black Skin Without Hydroquinone

Lightening Cream for Black Skin Without Hydroquinone

Are you a person with darker skin seeking a bold new way to whiten your skin and get the complexion you want, but are aware of some of the severe safety hazards and drawbacks of hydroquinone-based products?

You will be happy to know that while hydroquinone creams have long been a dominant solution for skin lightening needs, for years this has been in rapid decline, meaning you now have more options than ever for creams that can help you lighten your skin to the hue you desire and fast.

Yes, you read correctly! There are many types of lightening cream for black skin without hydroquinone that is just as effective if not more so, but without most or all the drawbacks and medical hazards associated with old hydroquinone products. In this article we shall explore these exciting options for skin lightening creams, as well as briefly dive into just why skin whitening is so prominent, the problems with hydroquinone, and one specific option that may be just up your alley if you are looking to uncover the vast world of hydroquinone-free skin lightening products!

Why People Whiten Their Skin

Skin lightening is an extremely common practice around the world, especially in Africa, India, and some parts of North America. It is a common go-to solution for everything from total complexion alteration to dealing with skin hyperpigmentation due to excess melanin production.

A lighter complexion is often equated by many to increased attractiveness or beauty, due in part to pop culture and other factors, making skin lightening creams top sellers in these parts of the world. Hydroquinone was once a cornerstone of many if not most of these products, but regulation and studies over the years have rapidly sloughed away that attribute of hydroquinone in recent times. But just what is so bad about hydroquinone for this type of application anyways? Let’s investigate.

Why to Avoid Hydroquinone

Like tretinoin creams, the frequent usage of hydroquinone creams outside of those prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist not only yields additional side effects in many people, but the amount at which it is used as a skin lightener can potentially exacerbate side effects. Hydroquinone lightens the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin in the body, which is a complex process in of itself to begin with.

In short, hydroquinone is best and most safely used in pharmaceutical contexts as a prescription cream or over-the-counter topical to be used as directed, rather than as a mainstream skin-care product where it may cause unforeseen ill health effects from unintentional over usage. Hydroquinone because of these and more is typically used as part of a much larger regimen of different treatments for often anything but skin lightening.

Indeed, because of these realities, some regions such as most parts of Europe have outright banned the use of hydroquinone in ordinary skincare and cosmetics products. It’s not too much of a surprise however that it has taken so much time to fade out. For an idea of scaling, you can actually still encounter some products out there that contain mercury, especially in markets within the developing world, even after mercury was proven to be a health hazard generations ago.

While hydroquinone may be a no-no for the vast majority if not all people that seek a great skin whitening solution, there are several options out there to fill the gap, fortunately. Some of the following we shall explore in the next section.

Types of Lightening Creams

There are a few different types of main ingredients used in lightening cream for black skin without hydroquinone. For creams, some different types of acids are a common go-to solution for cream formulation. These acids are known as tranexamic acid and azelaic acid. Kojic has proven promising as a lightener in some situations, and so has alpha hydroxy acid or AHA.

Whenever you are deciding upon which cream may be the best for you, it is a great idea to consider a few different things. Do you have any known skin conditions or allergies? Do you have sunburn or a susceptibility to intense sunburn and UV damage? Does your skin cosmetically suffer due to hyperpigmentation, producing notable darker patches that stand out too prominently?

All of these and much more are not only important to consider but are best addressed by consulting your doctor or dermatologist before settling on any specific cream. They can offer you formal advice as well as how to best take advantage of lightening creams to attain the complexion you want and deserve!

Moreover, knowing the unique attributes of your skin beforehand can help you gauge how your skin and complexion overall will respond to the treatment provided by your cream of choice when the time comes to apply it. Afterall, melanin production while being a main driver is not the only thing that can decide whether or not you have a skin shade irregularity in one or more highly visible parts of the body. Certain other conditions, diseases, and afflictions can also cause skin discolouration or otherwise abnormally darker spots, and doctors are often best-equipped to identify these and prescribe or suggest a treatment via a specifically identified cream.

Lightening Your Skin Safely With Zeta White

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This heavy sourcing from nature with only the most necessary industrial processing amount equates to a product with predictable if no side effects, giving you peace of mind and confidence as you achieve the look you have always wanted. For all of your skin lightening needs, consider Zeta White today and you may never need a different cream of its type ever again! highly recommends Zeta White to help you get a whiter skin. Click on the link below to find out more.

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