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Increase Sperm Count and Volume

Increase Sperm Count and Volume

When it comes to fertility for men, the go to measures used by most people are generally sperm count and volume of ejaculate. These can have a significant impact on whether or not you are able to get your partner pregnant or not, and if you are trying to start a family, it might therefore be of consideration. Fortunately though, even if you think that you need to boost your fertility by increasing sperm count and volume, there are plenty of options available for you to consider to make sure you do the job right!

Low Fertility in Men: More Common Than You’d Think!

For many men, the thought of having low fertility or even being infertile is something that causes great distress and upset, and in fairness, there is something of a stigma attached to the topic that can make it seem this way. Low fertility isn’t something that probably comes up at many guys’ nights out, after all. However, the prevalence of the problem is actually more widespread than you might have realised; in fact, low fertility and infertility is an issue that a surprisingly high number of people suffer from, but who just don’t feel like they can tell their story to the world for fear of retribution.

It is important to note that infertility itself is not always a treatable condition; occasionally, it might just be something that you’ll have to live with. However, there are still plenty of options that you can try to improve your fertility and increase sperm count and volume if you think that doing so could boost your chances of getting your partner pregnant!

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Signs of Low Fertility in Men

There are many different ways in which you can tell whether or not you are fertile or not, and the most effective method of course is to get a sample of your semen analyzed. Semen analysis can test your semen for sperm count, volume, and vitality, all of which are factors in fertility. However, there are also a number of other signs which might indicate that you are lower in fertility than you may have realised. These include your sex drive as well as your performance under the bed sheets. If you generally find it hard to get in the mood, this could be a sign that you may have difficulty with getting your partner pregnant; moreover, premature ejaculation can also serve as a sign that you might be infertile or have low fertility.

Ways to Increase Sperm Count and Volume

If you want to increase sperm count and volume, there are plenty of different options available to you to consider! These options can be useful for helping you and your partner to start the family you always wanted! But what options could you try for increasing sperm count and volume?

If you want to increase sperm count and volume for fertility, the first thing that you may wish to think about is trying to increase your fitness. Regular exercise has been proven to be effective for helping with testosterone levels and fertility alike. This can mean that toning up may help you to improve your sex drive and performance under the bed sheets, as well as helping you with your goal of starting a family with your partner.

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Next, make sure you’re getting a healthy, balanced diet, particularly in regards to vitamin C. A healthy diet is, unsurprisingly, essential if you are going to have good fertility and increase sperm count and volume naturally. Don’t slack on this one; while we aren’t saying that you need to completely ditch junk food and eat nothing but salad leaves, making sure you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals in your diet as well as a balanced protein-fat-carbohydrate ratio and energy supply can be pivotal for ensuring that you have the best success rate possible under the covers.

Don’t forget to relax, too. This is something that might seem difficult if you are being plagued by thoughts of struggling to get your partner pregnant, on top of all of the other stresses that you likely experience in your life. However, it is still a tip which is absolutely pivotal. If you are stressed, your sexual drive will likely be lessened and the quality and quantity of your semen will likely also fall. So, if you are feeling stressed or tense, try to take some time to cool off; talking about your stresses with your partner may also help with this regard.

Finally, considering supplements can be a highly effective way to increase sperm count and volume in your ejaculate. There are a huge number of different sperm count and volume boosting supplements available on the market nowadays, but if you do decide to go down this route, just make sure that you do your research first of all; failing to do so could result in you ending up with a product that won’t do what it says on the packaging! When buying sperm count and volume boosting supplements, then, you should consider the ingredients from which the product is made as well as the reputation of the product in online reviews; both of these factors will allow you to choose a supplement that will genuinely give you the results that you require! After all, not all products are created equally – but, if you do your research and take the time to consider which supplements might be right for you, you’re likely to have the best success rates with increasing sperm count and volume and improving your overall fertility.

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Try Supplements to Increase Sperm Count and Volume

There are many different, high quality supplements available on the market nowadays which can provide natural boosts to your fertility, such as the specially created VigRX Fertility Factor 5. High quality products designed to increase your sperm count and volume are available from many different sources, though, and not every product is made alike; therefore, make sure you do your research to determine whether your chosen product is safe and effective before choosing one! highly recommends VigRX® Fertility Factor 5 to improve sperm count, shape and movement, among other factors that help men impregnate their partners. Click on the link below to find out more.

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