How Much Weight Will You Lose with a Super Colon Cleanse?

How Much Weight Will You Lose with a Super Colon Cleanse?

When it comes to losing weight, a lot of people are now turning to getting a colon cleanse to do so. Colon cleanses can, for many people, be a suitable way of losing weight over a period of time to meet their weight loss goals. Indeed, this can make them popular options and ones which more and more people are turning to as a form of weight loss tool. But how much weight will you lose with a super colon cleanse, and could a colon cleanse be a suitable option for you to consider?

What is a Colon Cleanse?

A colon cleanse is a way of losing weight that a lot of people are not actually aware of, so if you haven’t heard of a colon cleanse for weight loss, don’t worry—you surely won’t be the only one. However, just because you haven’t heard of a colon cleanse for weight loss does not mean that it is something that you should ignore. In fact, it could well be a weight loss tool that you could implement into your daily life to improve the quality of your weight loss attempts.

But the question here still stands: what is colon cleansing? Colon cleansing is a medical treatment which is often advocated as a means of promoting weight loss and general digestive health, even though it might not seem like an agreeable encounter when you first learn about it. Simply speaking, a colon cleanse is a method which specialist practitioners use to “flush” out the colon, which represents a significant portion of our bodies’ digestive system. In turn, this helps with the goal being to eliminate any dietary derived toxins that are restricting the colon’s capacity to work efficiently.

Since the colon’s primary role in the body is to digest the nutrients that are left in the digestive system from digestion and process waste so that it can be got rid of, it’s then fairly clear to see how important a colon cleanse could be for weight loss. Generally, colonic hygienists that have carried out many colon cleansing procedures are the ones who you might choose to go to for a colon cleanse. For about 60 minutes, fresh and clean fluid is pumped through your body’s colon, cleansing and (obviously) flushing it of any built up matter and toxins. In addition to this, there are lots of colon cleansing products that can be got as over the counter drugs that you may well want to try out, for helping your weight loss goals.

How Much Weight Loss can I Lose with a Super Colon Cleanse?

So, the thing that we all want to know after all is how much weight loss we can actually hope to achieve with a super colon cleanse. Colon cleanses are useful for rapid weight loss and so, undergoing them on an occasional basis can help you with your weight loss goals. Of course, the actual amount of weight loss that each of us will achieve after undergoing a colon cleanse will naturally differ from person to person, and this is likely to vary based upon the person’s initial size and weight; how much food and calorific beverages they consume; and the amount of contaminant and matter buildup that is lingering within the gut prior to the colon cleanse being undertaken.

The amount of weight loss that you can achieve can vary, and it will also vary based upon how often you use a colon cleanse. On that score, though, people have reported exceptional weight loss results with a super colon cleanse; over seven days, people report that they have been dropping up to 5 pounds in weight—that’s over 20 pounds in weight in the space of just a month!

Clearly, then, a colon cleanse can be hugely useful not only for your weight loss attempts but also for helping you to eliminate any waste that may have built up in your intestines. By taking care and doing so carefully and with consideration, you can try your own homemade colon cleanse by using sea salt and warm water, or by using a few of the many online products which can be found on the internet from reputable sources.

Risk Factors for Colon Cleansing

While colon cleansing can be a good way of making sure that your colon is free from toxins and contaminants, there are a few important things that you need to be aware of when getting a colon cleanse carried out. Indeed, colon cleansing is a process which can be hugely effective, either when carried out by a skilled practitioner or when using over the count colon cleansing drugs, however only if done in moderation.

Sadly, though, there are many people in society who find colon cleansing and believe that if they do a colon cleanse regularly then this may keep them fit and well—while this seems like the most obvious conclusion, in reality, excessive colon cleansing may disturb the equilibrium of your bowel motions and cause digestive upset and pain. Indeed, it is important to consider that colon cleanses can result in side effects; these side effects from undergoing a colon cleanse could render you weak and lightheaded because of experience, among other symptoms.

There are many different types of colon cleanses, and these can vary in both their efficacy as well as the damage that they do to the body and the colon. Sometimes, the most effective colon cleanses should be used the most infrequently, as these will be the ones that “hit hardest”, as it were. This is particularly true when a coffee enema is being used. In fact, the withdrawal symptoms from a coffee colon cleanse could actually leave you feeling addicted to coffee and, thus, unable to function properly until you have your next coffee (caffeine) based colon cleanse!

Final Thoughts

So, the main thing to remember here is that there are both negative and positive elements to performing a colon cleanse for your digestive health, however, the key is simply to undergo the colon cleanse procedure in moderation. For more information on the colon cleanse procedure or our own Bowtrol, contact a member of our team to help you out today! highly recommends Bowtrol to cleanse your colon effectively. Click on the link below to find out more.

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