Hair Growth Products That Actually Work

Hair Growth Products That Actually Work

Have you been searching far and wide for a definitive product for growing back hair but nothing really seems to be doing it well enough, if at all? Well don’t fret, there may be some solutions out there for your unique situation: hair growth products that actually work! Forget about artificial hair extensions or anything like that. We shall be delving into what may actually do the trick and get you results in growing your hair.

Like similar issues, people try many different remedies and approaches to attain the results they desire and grow their hair back or lengthen it. In reality, there are only a few approaches that can actually do the trick under the right circumstances, the science is not yet clear enough on some others, and all else is just outright ineffectual.

In this article, we shall explore some of the various ways that hair regrowth is established as a viable method, look into what ingredients can bolster the health of your hair, and just what allows hair to thrive in the first place.

How Hair Thrives

Like the vast majority of your body, hair is a living thing. Well, for the most part. The visible portions of your hair are not living tissues in the traditional sense. Rather, the biologically active part of your hair actually lives in the roots beneath the scalp, in the hair follicles, sweat glands, and other glands that help regulate hair growth and conditions on the scalp. Like all living material, hair thrives when it is able to access and process the vital nutrients and vitamins it needs to stay healthy, efficient, and vibrant.

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Generally, healthy hair tends to go hand and hand with greater overall health in general. Numerous things that can make the human body unhealthy can also correspond to diminished hair growth, and even the outright loss of some hair altogether over time. Things such as stress, too much of certain types of food or drink, polluted environments, and various diseases and genetics can affect you, or combine to affect you such that your hair retreats or declines in its growth factor. Fortunately, while genetics is entirely out of your control, there are many things you can do to address the other causes of impaired hair growth.

On the more positive side, things that can help your hair thrive include getting a good balance of food groups, maintaining adequate hydration, avoiding sources of stress, and having a consistent sleep cycle. These all combine to make directed hair growth improvement efforts more visibly effective and efficient. Let’s take a look at some of these approaches to hair growth.

Effective Treatments

Currently, there are some medications as well as a few types of surgery that can stop hair loss and potentially restore hair. Of the surgery category, hair transplants are a procedure of obvious visual efficacy, and scalp reduction surgery also exists. Amongst both prescribable and over the counter medications, three particular ones have stood out for managing hair loss in men: dutasteride, finasteride, and minoxidil.

These three medications are almost always in a topical form that you can apply to the scalp to achieve renewed hair growth and/or to prevent hair loss. Research over the years has indicated that results tend to be more tangible and noteworthy when two or more medications are used in conjunction with one another when medically appropriate. On its own, each individual medication is not as effective, especially on the long term after the initial regime of the treatment is complete. Ketoconazole is another potential candidate. Meanwhile, for women, spironolactone, minoxidil, and flutamide hold some potential for many individuals. Further clinical testing is needed, so new information could pop up at any time for or to the contrary as to various medication, product, and treatments

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Besides these, there exist many types of supplements, however, these are an entirely different beast altogether. Thus far, whilst there are many vitamins and compounds in some supplements that can deal with vitamin deficiencies that contribute to hair loss, there is no clinical evidence that supplements on their own can facilitate improved hair growth or the return of hair to bald areas. However, there is one ingredient in some supplements that may be showing some promise. Let’s take a look.

Effective Ingredients

Amongst all of the purported substances marketed as remedies of hair loss, there has so far been only one compound, naturally sourced, that seems to have promise: saw palmetto. Saw palmetto extract is derived from the fruit of the saw palmetto tree. Because of its sourcing from a tropical plant’s own fruit, it lacks a lot of the pitfalls found in purely synthesized compounds manufactured by humans and has only a few cons introduced from its organic origins.

However, only one study thus far has shed any light on its potential for encouraging hair growth. We can only hope that further research can yield greater results with this tropical plant extract. Until then, supplements with an emphasis on the saw palmetto may be the only kind of supplement that can claim to be hair growth products that actually work. Ultimately, if you have any doubts, it is absolutely never a bad idea to consult a doctor about possible regimens, usage tips, or if such materials are needed at all.

Provillus: Natural Ingredients That Work For You

Speaking of supplements and the humble saw palmetto, enter Provillus. Provillus is a tested, widely sold supplement line specializing in treating hair loss and promoting the growth of new, vibrant hair in many people. Alongside saw palmetto, it is also jam packed with recipe ingredients that can promote silkier-feeling hair and other minor benefits.

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These ingredients include zinc, eleuthero root, pumpkin extract, and much more. When you are dealing with natural, wholesome ingredients as these, it is easier to know and identify what materials are going into your body and what their cumulative impact is. Combined with various techniques and practices to keep your hair enriched and healthy, we hope that you may begin your path towards finding an effective solution for encouraging your hair to grow strong and freely again. Good luck! highly recommends Provillus to help you regrow your hair effectively. Click on the link below to find out more.

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