Get Rid of Dark Spots on Face Overnight

Get Rid of Dark Spots on Face Overnight

Do you struggle with the annoyance and appearance-marrying presence of dark spots on your facial features and surrounding areas? Have you ever wondered what you can do to treat them, make them less noticeable or otherwise remove them? Well there is some good news for you. Dark spots are something you can actually diminish if not made outright invisible or removed, and so fast that you may not have registered them vanishing.

That’s right, you can even get rid of dark spots on the face overnight if you were so inclined. Indeed, in the following article, we shall explore just what these mysterious dark spots are, how they form, and some of the exact things you can do to treat and remove the visual blemish of these discoloured areas quickly and without hassle!

What are Dark Spots?

While they may be just as curious and mysterious as they are annoying and perhaps even distressing to look at under close scrutiny, dark spots are actually quite simple. They are not often the result of any kind of rash and disease, but it is always possible, especially if you have a family history of skin-related diseases or conditions.

Indeed, the skin’s discolouration is exactly that, it often has to do with how your body determines the colour of not just your skin but also your hair, in a complex but related set of systems involving what is called melanin. But just what does melanin do? Well therein also lies the causes of dark spots in many cases. Let’s take a look!

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What Causes Dark Spots?

Simply put, dark spots on your skin, which can appear in other areas besides the face, such as the back, chest, arms, etc. are the result of excess melanin production, which you can think of perhaps as the “dye” that determines the colour of your skin and hair, as stated above. This excess melanin production is called hyperpigmentation, whose own causes are similarly quite simple at their root.

You can get cases of hyperpigmentation that produce dark spots through a variety of things. It should be noted, however, that while excess melanin is one way in which hyperpigmentation can set in and produce dark spots, other methods of causing hyperpigmentation do not necessarily also correspond with an excess of melatonin production in your body.

One primary way to get hyperpigmentation dark spots is through inflammation and skin-related injuries, through acne vulgaris, as well as through prolonged exposure to the sun, which is perhaps the most common method of developing dark spots on the skin.

Have you ever spent a long day at the beach, and maybe forgot your sunscreen, only to later notice what looks like a super-flat mole or other discoloured spot on your skin where the sunburn was particularly intense and damaging? Chances are that was the result of increased melanin or acute inflammation in response to the damage and sunburn caused by UV radiation from the Sun, producing sunburn-included dark spots from hyperpigmentation. Inflammation is a universal indicator that your body registers something wrong with a giving area and is attempting to respond to and solve the problem, which sometimes results in things such as discolouring dark spots that have a mainly cosmetic, social, and psychological impact rather than a medically physical one.

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Generally, fair-skinned people are less likely to develop dark spots on the face or elsewhere compared to people with darker skin tones, who are more likely to, especially in the sun. Additionally, there are a variety of different diseases, rare conditions, and deficiencies of the body that can also trigger dark spots to appear on your skin. If you are ever in doubt, consult with your physician or dermatologist to determine the exact causes of your dark spots, and how to best treat them. Which segues into our next topic!

How Dark Spots Can Be Treated

Fortunately, whilst there are several different ways in which dark spots can appear on your skin, there also exists several ways to treat them and even in some cases remove them utterly. One primary way is through depigmenting treatments, these most often if not always require a visit to the office, where it is performed on-site. Other on-site procedures for treating or removing dark spots include things like dermabrasion and advanced fraction laser procedures that operate with pinpoint accuracy.

Aside from these, there are several different OTC lightening agents out there that can mask the cosmetic impacts of dark spots. Many of these can also smooth the skin. In cases where skin damage and/or irritation is the result of your dark spots, these creams and other topicals can especially be of help in clearing up unwanted dark spots. You can easily apply these topicals before bed. With consistent use as directed, you can get rid of dark spots on the face overnight in no time, as topics give you a great deal of freedom in treatment administration.

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Many topicals used to treat dark spots have varied ingredients. Some of these ingredients include compounds like hydroquinone, kojic acid, and azelaic acid. A lot of these in many jurisdictions require a prescription, further adding to the point that it is never a bad idea to visit a dermatologist beforehand if one is available for advice, examination and general counsel about treatment. Some studies are also currently ongoing to determine what other methods, if any, can treat dark spots just as well as existing methods but at more accessible costs, if not even better quality treatments..

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