Get Rid Of Cold Sores On Lips Fast

Get Rid Of Cold Sores On Lips

To say that cold sores are no fun is an understatement. They can be quite painful and even agony at the worst of times, and unsightly at the best of times. If you or somebody you know is dealing with cold sores at the moment, then no doubt you are looking for a remedy to cure and remove them as soon as possible. Fortunately, cold sores are an infection that is well documented and easily treatable. There are a variety of treatments, both administered by yourself at home or by a medical profession in-office.

You may also be wondering just what exactly are these terrible blisters of the lips, and how are they formed? In knowing some of this information, you can better understand how to prevent it, treat it, and mitigate its effects while you still have to deal with an infection of it. Most of all, you will be armed with the information needed to get rid of cold sores on lips fast, easily, and decisively! Let’s dive in, starting with what these painful blisters of the lip are in the first place.

What Are Cold Sores?

Simply put, cold sores are infections of the lip. The exact culprit of cold sores is the nasty bugger called the Herpes labialis infection. Herpes labialis is triggered by herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2, which are spread through non-sexual contact. Once infected, those with herpes labialis will very likely experience blistering around the lips. They are a contagious type of infection too, which only doubles one’s urge to get rid of cold sores on lips fast, as soon as possible.

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Symptoms related to cold sores beyond just the visible sores themselves have a bit of range in variety, and none of them are pleasant. After a first attack of the virus, you may experience fever, enlarged lymph nodes, and/or a sore throat. Other symptoms that can be encountered during infection can include headaches, ansieau, dizziness, and ulceration of oral tissues. If two or more symptoms manifest beyond just the cold sore blistering themselves, especially be sure to contact your doctor as soon as possible. Herpes labialis is not a fatal or overtly dangerous disease aside from its contagiousness, but like all forms of infection of the human body, complications from it are never impossible.

Blistering and burning pain abound more often than not with cold sores as the standard, most common and obvious symptom of the viral infection. The blisters form by the virus through fluid buildup As you may imagine, Herpes labialis behaves and manifests as a series of attacks, where symptoms suddenly emerge for a period of time before going dormant again until the next attack.

Because of the way the attacks behave and function, never assume it has just gone away of its own accord after the first or subsequent attacks. Herpes is a virus that will continue to replicate and afflict you for a while unless treated consistently and removed by your immune system. Your immune system can effectively cure the virus’ symptoms, however this is made much easier by a healthy diet and lifestyle, usage of antivirals, and other activities that strengthen or aid the immune system. Take note however that the virus itself does remain in the body, where it goes into dormancy. Sometimes the virus can surge back up at opportunistic times. Also regarding attacks, specific things can in fact trigger them; it doesn’t just happen randomly. Some triggers of cold sore attacks can include things like stress, fever, exposure to UV radiation, menstruation, extreme heat, etc.

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How Can You Avoid Getting Them?

Fortunately despite the insidious nature of these annoying and painful infections, cold sores can indeed be avoided in some cases through active practices. Avoiding kissing or using the personal items of possibly affected individuals is the main straightforward way to prevent infection risk for the most part or entirely.

Aside from that, you can mitigate the effects of infection by Herpes labialis through the usage of prescribed topical antivirals by your doctor, as well as the application of zinc oxide or anesthetics to shorten the duration that symptoms impact you.

As stated already, cold sores are not fun. They can be a real source of embarrassment and emotional distress just as much as they are a pain and irritation nuisance in the best of cases. But how are they treated? Let’s dive into the good news now as we explore the various ways in which cold sores are dealt with, despite its persistent nature.

How Are Cold Sores Treated?

No definitive cure for the virus that causes cold sores exists. As such, existing treatments are near universally geared towards reducing the impact of its symptoms and assisting your body’s own defenses in forcing the Herpes labialis infection into dormancy.

Various topical applications, supplements, antivirals, cinc oxide and zinc sulfate, and anesthetic are often utilised to great effect in many individuals. Different people’s immune systems means that the virus is going to respond to some treatments differently than others. As such, you should always consult your doctor whenever possible about charting the most definitive therapy going forward, or if you have any doubts yourself about how to tackle your cold sores.

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