Dark Circle Eye Cream

Dark Circle Eye Cream

Do you or somebody you know struggle with the constant presence of dark under eye circles? We know they can be annoying, and not just when you look at them in the mirror. Perhaps people wonder why you always seem to be sleep-deprived even though in actuality you are perfectly awake, or perhaps some people even mistake it for a black eye.

No matter the dark eye circle situation, it is very likely you wonder how you can alleviate their visibility and avoid the annoyances that dark eye circles can cause some people. Fortunately, there are solutions to this mostly cosmetic condition under the eyes, which we shall explore and more in the following article. Without further ado, let’s look more closely at just what causes eye circles, their characteristics, and how they can be treated.

We Know What They Look Like, But What Are They Exactly?

This condition is known as periorbital dark circles to be more precise, and is not to be confused with periorbital ecchymosis, which is known by the colloquial names of both racoon eyes and panda eyes and is a vastly more serious, unrelated condition by comparison as it is caused by a skull fracture.

Regular dark eye circles are actually a form of discolouration of the skin around the orbit of the eye due to a variety of different reasons that can alter the colour of the skin. This is why the skin seems to take on very similar hues of colouration to that of bruising, swelling, etc as these could be playing a role in the cosmetic blemish to begin with. Dark eye circles can coexist with puffiness, eyebags, and similar visible cosmetic imperfections of the eye.

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However, the causes of these are sometimes separate from dark eye circles, as you can develop them all from sleep deprivation, but sleep deprivation is not the only plausible cause of overall discolouration characterised

What Causes Dark Eye Circles?

There are several reasons for why you may develop dark eye circles, or perhaps have even always had them. Dark eye circles are commonly caused by hereditary traits you gained from your parents, making them a constantly present discoloration below the eye. This form of discolouration may or may not still fluctuate in its actual intensity of discolouration.

Meanwhile, other causes for dark eye circles can include, quite commonly, fatigue and sleep deprivation, aging, certain types of medications and medication interactions, exposure to ultraviolet light, as well as allergies, anemia, eczema, and even asthma. Dark eye circles can be the result of one or multiple causes working in tandem, and can determine the intensity of darkening beneath the eye.

Some individuals also have a status known as periorbital hyperpigmentation. Simply put, their eye circles are caused for the most part, or entirely by excessive production of pigmentation, called melanin. Melanin is responsible for determining the shading of human skin and hair alike.

How Long Do Dark Eye Circles Last?

Dark eye circles strongly depend on what has caused them to determine how long they last from their gradual onset. Discolouration due to fatigue will go away on its own when or if you are able to consistently return to a sufficient sleepy cycle and reverse accumulated sleep debt, as well as cessation of any strenuous or stressful activity that is unusual in its severity. Circles caused by sun exposure can be reduced over time as well through less direct contact with sunlight over a period of several days as a further example.

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When you are dealing with any form of anemia as a result of a majorly insufficient diet, the resulting dark eye circles are an example of a much tougher case to crack. You would need to address the individual causes of your anemia and ensure you are able to get the nutrients you need in your diet over the course of weeks to see any visible recovery from these circles.

If you have received your dark eye circles through hereditary means, this means they are in your genetic history and follow you throughout your life, with slight variance from environmental, health, and nutritional factors. In this chronic case and in most other cases of dark eye circles, depending upon the causes, there are various different ways to treat the eye circles to reduce, cover up, or reverse the discolouration and in turn how noticeable they are to yourself and others.

How to Treat and Reduce Visibility of Eye Circles

The primary means of treating dark eye circles in modern medicine is through the use of carefully crafted and highly specialised topicals, primarily in the form of creams. These creams are applied to the orbit of the eye, typically on a consistent basis (especially under doctor’s direction). Formulas for these creams vary, and several different ingredients are used by the pharmaceutical and medical industries in treating discolouration conditions such as dark eye circles.

Additionally, appointment-based procedures and surgeries also exist for treating dark eye circles. These can include very sophisticated intense pulsed light skin surgery, low-level laser therapy, the usage of hyaluronic acid fillers, compounding creams, and more. Overall, research into various solutions for dark eye circles is looking quite promising, with existing treatments matured or already entering technical maturity. With this good news come even more good news: there is a cream that may be just the solution you have been looking for. Dark circle eye cream as a product is widely marketed and arguably offers the most convenient means of addressing dark eye circles.

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